Surgical Mesh Lawsuit

A surgical mesh lawsuit is a lawsuit against medical device manufacturers, for injuries sustained from the use of surgical mesh. The lawsuits are meant to address medical, moral, and legal issues. In most cases, surgical mesh victims were never warned about the mesh products or the risks associated with the use of surgical mesh products. Therefore, the victims would have been better off with traditional surgery, due to the immense suffering they have had to go through. This is because traditional surgery would probably, have had less or no side effects as compared to the amount and number of injuries the victims endure.

A surgical mesh lawsuit against Bard Avaulta and other surgical mesh manufacturers have been filed in record numbers and continue to be filed. The products defects are so diverse ranging from tobacco, hip replacements, shoulder pain pumps, denture creams, transvaginal placements, and food and drugs administration amongst other defective products. This has led to many cases of medical malpractice, by omission, because the physicians in question recommended the mesh products and used them on their patients. Nevertheless, the surgical mesh products were not properly tested and the initial warnings were inadequate.

Surgical Mesh Lawsuit Overview

The side effects of surgical mesh products range from mild to severe side effects. In some instances, it has cause intense pain, infections, and bleeding. An example of such a case would be in complications caused by transvaginal placements. These placements have severe effects leading to pain in the vagina and vaginal tract, infections in the virginal track, and continuous bleeding from the vagina.

In most cases, hospitalization would be inevitable and the victims would require prolonged and intensive treatment. Additionally, loss of too much blood would cause anemia in some patients, thus blood transfusion sometimes would be necessary. There are numerous FDA warnings on the use, administration, recommendations, and surgical replacements of these products. Finally, public awareness on the dangers and side effects of these products is very important.

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