Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit

In the recent years, surgical mesh products like Bard Avaulta and Gynecare Prolift have caused a number of pelvic and vaginal injuries to women in the United States.

However, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewers are yet to make an announcement as to whether or not they will issue a recall on the aforementioned products.

The FDA, together with an expert panel, is going to discuss the pelvic mesh lawsuits and injuries in September 2011.  This discussion, as most legal analysts believe, is going to call for a recall of the defective mesh products in the eventual run.

While most pelvic mesh lawsuits state that manufacturers failed to create effective products, there are still some that focus on medical malpractice as the cause of surgical failures.

Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit Overview

Aside from stitching, a vaginal mesh operation can be performed through mesh surgery and utilization of a vaginal support device or vaginal pessary.

Mesh surgery deals with the use of a mesh, a metallic or polymeric material, which is implanted in the vaginal area in order to hold the organs in place. However, this method’s risks and benefits are currently being reviewed by FDA, after a number of surgical failures have occurred.

On the other hand, the use of vaginal pessary is said to be more efficient in supporting the vagina and reconstructing damaged tissues.

C.R. Bard, Inc., the manufacturer of Bard Avaulta, originally aimed to create surgical mesh products that could provide organ stabilization for the pelvic structures; however, most of the mesh implants were infected and incorrectly placed on numerous women, and the implants were unlikely to be removed since it was designed to allow body tissues to develop into it.

The vaginal mesh implants are made from a metallic or woven fabric that seeks to reconstruct any chest wall damage, develop tissues, and assist the internal organs. Typically, the fabric is made of Gore-Tex, Teflon, and different types of polymers, which are used in most back operations.

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